Hi there!

This is Jason, I like doing personal projects, which you will find in the portfolio page of this website. My specialties can be found on the homepage, of which most are web development and data analysis.


  • Tech enthusiast: From homelab (10RU Bare-Metals) to Cloud (manage total of 12 nodes through docker swarm), Software: Ruby, Python, ReactJS, SQL, R and Swift.
  • Photographer & ex-cofounder of Narval Films


With over eight years of experience, I am a dedicated and proactive account manager. Recently completed the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. As Entry-level data analytics specialist, trying to transition from account manager and seeking a full-time role in the field of data analytics with tools like Python, R, SQL and etc.

Marketing Researcher Dec 2021 - Present, Remote
By utilizing my SEO expertise and leveraging tools like Google Analytics. I can significantly increase exposure and drive more traffic to 1Thing.org.
Profuse Solution
Account Manager, Dec 2013 - Present, Los Angeles
Build and maintain positive relationships with C-level clients by effectively resolving their problems in Psychz Network. Using script language, assist in the completion of order processing automation and sales data analytic. Successfully attained sales record significantly.

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